Summoned to the Poisonous Successor

Frater U.:E.:O.: summoned the Voices in Nëarhb, Vröèpr, Bréivzuèrkl!, Mälzéraetrh wär üc’h Déprèhabr and Droüek’väënozh äc’h o Nëirb-Krözh on HÉRITRAGE POSTHUME, the poisonous successor of NÉCROFRANÇIE, by the damned French pestilence ZÉPÜLKR. Again expect nothing, but a pure black metal orthodoxy from the most horrendous blackness. Still more, on HÉRITRAGE POSTHUME, Wlad Drakksteim from VLAD TEPES also weaved his plasm in other III anthems. Just released by Black Gangrene Productions.

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Fallen into an Eternal Sleep

Nekrokult Nihilism, the damned entity that had supported Japanese Black Metal underground for XII years since MMIV Anno Bastardi, fell into an eternal sleep today. Time has come to finish its role now as the situation surrounding Japanese Black Metal underground has changed a lot within the last years. The rotten baton has already been passed to the next entity dwelling in the deeper darkness.


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Satanik Hellharmonik Darkestra on Svart

The serpentine sect ANGUIS DEI is now signed to the Finnish flagitious pandaemonium Svart Records for its forthcoming II circular laminas, namely the first EP and the first full-length. The EP AD PORTAS SERPENTIUM shall feature III hymns and shall be unleashed in early MMXVII Anno Bastardi. Then, first full-length ANGEIST shall feature VIII hymns and shall be unleashed in mid-late MMXVII Anno Bastardi. Further details shall be revealed subsequently. Prepare for the black magick inferno of Satanik Orchestral Metal Supremacy.

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SEOLFKWYLLEN is available

SEOLFKWYLLEN, the debut full-length of AHPDEGMA, is now availble on CD/DIGI-PACK editions under the banner of Drakkar Productions. Both editions are limited to 500 copies and include an original version of … and So Everything Passes unlike its ethereal-vocalized version you can hear on vinyl. Those bring you a nauseating experience, a rotten spectacle to be consumed by the plague-ridden work.


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SEOLFKWYLLEN’s other incarnation

Regarding the release of SEOLFKWYLLEN on CD and DIGI-PACK editions, everything has been suspended since the initial contract was discarded in early MMXV Anno Bastardi. However, AHPDEGMA finally signed a deal with Drakkar Productions about them. The detailed information will be unleashed soon.

On the other hand, limited MC edition will be released by Devoted Art Propaganda. It’s now planned to come with a special cardbox.

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SEOLFKWYLLEN is available on vinyl

The debut full-length of AHPDEGMA, entitled SEOLFKWYLLEN, is now availble from Astral Temple, Darker Than Black Records and Merchant of Death. Currently this full-length appears only on 12″ LP, limited to 200 hand-numbered copies. It contains IX hymns enshrined to kill yourselves.


II of IX hymns were unleashed by Astral Temple. The mass infection is near by the illness seeping from the shrouds of AHPDEGMA.

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